OUR INDUSTRIAL COMPANY, Manufacture and provide steel fabrication to meet the wide spectrum of your needs. Our professional staff have experience in all types of Steel Fabrication. We provide general, mild and stainless steel
fabrication and supply to the construction and commercial industry.

We are the large supplier of structural steel to the constructional industry. We can fabricate most large or small scale structure steel in our workshop and deliver it on the site

we provide our services on a custom basis and ensure each product is tailored to your specific needs. Whatever your steel requirements, call us now to see how we can help. Our experts are happy to assist you with any query you may have our recent projects.

Our Vision 

“To become a world-class engineering, manufacturing, construction and insulation company operating operationally.”

Our Mission

 “To provide our customer with quality, cost effective and reliable solutions and an EPC contractor at home and a manufacturer of plants and equipment in the Kingdom.

Quality Assurance 

OUR INDUSTRIAL COMPANY shall implement and monitor a Quality Management system for all projects. OUR INDUSTRIAL COMPANY management is dedicated to quality and its intentions are documented in the form of Quality Policy. The Quality policy is disseminated at all levels in the clients organization

Quality Policy:

Safety Policy :

Organizational Chart :